package onnx

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Type Members

  1. class ONNXModel extends Transformer with ComplexParamsWritable with ONNXModelParams with Wrappable with BasicLogging
  2. trait ONNXModelParams extends Params with HasMiniBatcher with HasFeedFetchDicts

Value Members

  1. object ONNXModel extends ComplexParamsReadable[ONNXModel] with Logging with Serializable

    Object model for an ONNX model: OrtSession

    Object model for an ONNX model: OrtSession

    |-InputInfo: Map[String, NodeInfo]

    |-OutputInfo: Map[String, NodeInfo] OrtSession is the entry point for the object model. Most importantly it defines the InputInfo and OutputInfo maps. ------------------------------------ NodeInfo

    |-name: String

    |-info: ValueInfo Each NodeInfo is a name and ValueInfo tuple. ValueInfo has three implementations, explained below. ------------------------------------ TensorInfo extends ValueInfo

    |-shape: Array[Long]

    |-type: OnnxJavaType TensorInfo is the most common type of ValueInfo. It defines the type of the tensor elements, and the shape. The first dimension of the tensor is assumed to be the batch size. For example, FLOAT[-1, 3, 224, 224] could represent a unlimited batch size * 3 channels * 224 height * 224 width tensor, where each element is a float. ------------------------------------ SequenceInfo extends ValueInfo

    |-sequenceOfMaps: Boolean

    |-sequenceType: OnnxJavaType

    |-mapInfo: MapInfo

    |-length: Int SequenceInfo can be a sequence of values (value type specified by sequenceType) if sequenceOfMaps is false, or a sequence of MapInfo if sequenceOfMaps is true. Sequence of MapInfo is usually used for ZipMap type of output, where the sequence represent the batch, and each MapInfo represents probability or logits outcome per class for each observation. ------------------------------------ MapInfo extends ValueInfo

    |-keyType: OnnxJavaType

    |-valueType: OnnxJavaType

    |-size: Int MapInfo defines keyType, valueType and size. It is usually used inside SequenceInfo.