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Type Members

  1. case class ASResponse(key: String, status: Boolean, errorMessage: Option[String], statusCode: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  2. case class ASResponses(value: Seq[ASResponse]) extends Product with Serializable
  3. class AddDocuments extends CognitiveServicesBase with HasCognitiveServiceInput with HasInternalJsonOutputParser with HasActionCol with HasServiceName with HasIndexName with HasBatchSize with SynapseMLLogging
  4. trait HasActionCol extends HasServiceParams
  5. trait HasIndexName extends HasServiceParams
  6. trait HasServiceName extends HasServiceParams
  7. case class IndexField(name: String, type: String, searchable: Option[Boolean], filterable: Option[Boolean], sortable: Option[Boolean], facetable: Option[Boolean], retrievable: Option[Boolean], key: Option[Boolean], analyzer: Option[String], searchAnalyzer: Option[String], indexAnalyzer: Option[String], synonymMap: Option[String], fields: Option[Seq[IndexField]]) extends Product with Serializable
  8. case class IndexInfo(name: Option[String], fields: Seq[IndexField], suggesters: Option[Seq[String]], scoringProfiles: Option[Seq[String]], analyzers: Option[Seq[String]], charFilters: Option[Seq[String]], tokenizers: Option[Seq[String]], tokenFilters: Option[Seq[String]], defaultScoringProfile: Option[Seq[String]], corsOptions: Option[Seq[String]]) extends Product with Serializable
  9. case class IndexList(@odata.context: String, value: Seq[IndexName]) extends Product with Serializable
  10. trait IndexLister extends AnyRef
  11. case class IndexName(name: String) extends Product with Serializable
  12. trait IndexParser extends AnyRef
  13. case class IndexStats(documentCount: Int, storageSize: Int) extends Product with Serializable