package contracts

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Type Members

  1. case class DoubleMetric(name: UniqueName, value: Double) extends TypenameMetric with Product with Serializable
  2. trait HasEvaluationMetric extends Params
  3. trait HasFeaturesCol extends Params
  4. trait HasGroupCol extends Params
  5. trait HasInitScoreCol extends Params
  6. trait HasInputCol extends Params
  7. trait HasInputCols extends Params
  8. trait HasLabelCol extends Params
  9. trait HasOutputCol extends Params
  10. trait HasOutputCols extends Params
  11. trait HasScoredLabelsCol extends Params
  12. trait HasScoredProbabilitiesCol extends Params
  13. trait HasScoresCol extends Params
  14. trait HasValidationIndicatorCol extends Params
  15. trait HasWeightCol extends Params
  16. case class IntegralMetric(name: UniqueName, value: Long) extends TypenameMetric with Product with Serializable
  17. sealed abstract class Metric extends AnyRef
  18. case class MetricData(data: Map[String, Seq[Double]], metricType: String, modelName: String) extends Product with Serializable

    Defines contract for Metric table, which is a metric name to list of values.

  19. case class StringMetric(name: UniqueName, value: String) extends TypenameMetric with Product with Serializable
  20. case class TypedMetric[T](name: UniqueName, value: T) extends Metric with Product with Serializable
  21. sealed abstract class TypenameMetric extends AnyRef
  22. case class TypenameMetricGroup(name: UniqueName, values: Map[UniqueName, Seq[TypenameMetric]]) extends Product with Serializable

Value Members

  1. object ConvenienceTypes
  2. object MetricData extends Serializable