package codegen

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Type Members

  1. trait BaseWrappable extends Params
  2. case class CodegenConfig(name: String, jarName: Option[String], topDir: String, targetDir: String, version: String, pythonizedVersion: String, rVersion: String, dotnetVersion: String, packageName: String) extends Product with Serializable
  3. trait DotnetWrappable extends BaseWrappable
  4. case class ParamInfo[T <: Param[_]](pyType: String, pyTypeConverter: Option[String], rTypeConverter: Option[String], dotnetType: String, example: Any)(implicit evidence$1: ClassTag[T]) extends Product with Serializable
  5. trait PythonWrappable extends BaseWrappable
  6. trait RWrappable extends BaseWrappable
  7. trait Wrappable extends PythonWrappable with RWrappable with DotnetWrappable

Value Members

  1. object CodeGen
  2. object CodeGenUtils
  3. object CodegenConfigProtocol extends DefaultJsonProtocol
  4. object DefaultParamInfo extends Logging
  5. object DotnetCodegen
  6. object DotnetHelper
  7. object GenerationUtils
  8. object PyCodegen
  9. object RCodegen