package recommendation

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  1. class AdvancedRankingMetrics extends Serializable
  2. trait Mode extends HasRecommenderCols
  3. class RankingAdapter extends Estimator[RankingAdapterModel] with ComplexParamsWritable with RankingParams with Mode with Wrappable with SynapseMLLogging
  4. class RankingAdapterModel extends Model[RankingAdapterModel] with ComplexParamsWritable with Wrappable with RankingParams with Mode with SynapseMLLogging

    Model from train validation split.

  5. class RankingEvaluator extends Evaluator with RecEvaluatorParams with HasRecommenderCols with ComplexParamsWritable with SynapseMLLogging
  6. trait RankingParams extends HasRecommenderCols with HasLabelCol with hasK
  7. class RankingTrainValidationSplit extends Estimator[RankingTrainValidationSplitModel] with RankingTrainValidationSplitParams with Wrappable with ComplexParamsWritable with RecommendationParams with SynapseMLLogging
  8. class RankingTrainValidationSplitModel extends Model[RankingTrainValidationSplitModel] with Wrappable with ComplexParamsWritable with SynapseMLLogging
  9. class RecommendationIndexer extends Estimator[RecommendationIndexerModel] with RecommendationIndexerBase with Wrappable with SynapseMLLogging
  10. trait RecommendationIndexerBase extends Params with ComplexParamsWritable
  11. class RecommendationIndexerModel extends Model[RecommendationIndexerModel] with RecommendationIndexerBase with Wrappable with SynapseMLLogging
  12. class SAR extends Estimator[SARModel] with SARParams with DefaultParamsWritable with SynapseMLLogging

    Smart Adaptive Recommendations (SAR) Algorithm

    Smart Adaptive Recommendations (SAR) Algorithm

    SAR is a fast scalable adaptive algorithm for personalized recommendations based on user transactions history and items description. It produces easily explainable / interpretable recommendations

    SAR has been show to provide higher ranking measurements when compared to ALS.

  13. class SARModel extends Model[SARModel] with BaseRecommendationModel with Wrappable with SARParams with ComplexParamsWritable with SynapseMLLogging

    SAR Model

  14. trait SARParams extends Wrappable with RecommendationParams